Obtaining the software packages

After you check to see whether your system software is up to date, you can download the latest software release from the support site.

Check to see whether a newer release of software is available by using the management GUI. Select Settings > System > Update System. When you arrive on the Update System page, the system automatically checks for updates.

To obtain a new release of code for a system update, access the following site:


  1. From the support shortcuts text box, select Fixes (downloads).
  2. From the Product list, select the system name.
  3. From the Version fix level list, select the version fix level.
  4. In the Filter by operating system drop-down list, select All.
  5. Select Continue.

The code is installed directly on the system. System code updates can be completed only in a strict order. The rules for updating from any version to the latest version are also provided on the website.