Access control methods for NEC iStorage

You can use access control to restrict access from hosts and the system. You do not need to use access control to allow a system to use all of the defined logical units on the system. Use the following table to view the available access control methods.

Available access control methods lists access control methods that are available.

Table 1. Available access control methods
Method Description
Port Mode Allows access to logical units that you want to define on a per-storage-controller port basis. System visibility (such as through switch zoning or physical cabling) must allow the system to have the same access from all nodes. The accessible controller ports must also be assigned the same set of logical units with the same logical unit number. Do not use this method of access control for a system connection.
WWN Mode Allows access to logical units by using the WWPN of each of the ports of an accessing host device. All WWPNs of all the system nodes in the same system must be added to the list of linked paths in the controller configuration. This list becomes the list of host (system) ports for an LD Set or group of logical units. This method of access control allows sharing because different logical units can be accessed by other hosts.