Use the lslicense command to display current license settings for system features.


lslicense [ -nohdr ] [ -delimdelimiter ]


(Optional) Suppresses the display of these headings. By default, headings are displayed for each column of data (in a concise style view that provides general information about objects of a particular type) and for each item of data (in a detailed style view that provides much more information about a specific object of a particular type).
Note: If there is no data to be displayed, headings are not displayed.
(Optional) By default in a concise view, all columns of data are space-separated. The width of each column is set to the maximum width of each item of data. In a detailed view, each item of data has its own row, and if the headers are displayed, the data is separated from the header by a space. The -delim parameter overrides this behavior. Valid input for the -delim parameter is a 1-byte character. If you enter -delim :, a colon character (:) separates all items of data in a concise view; for example, the spacing of columns does not occur. In a detailed view, the data is separated from its header by the specified delimiter.


The lslicense command displays license settings for system features, including remote copy and virtualization settings.

The displayed output lists enclosure license values.

Use the chlicense command to change the feature license settings. Because the feature license settings are entered when the system is first created, you must update the settings if you change your license.

This table provides the possible values that are applicable to the attributes that are displayed as data in the output views.
Table 1. lslicense output
Attribute Possible Values
used_flash Indicates the amount Flash Copy (FC) memory used.
used_remote Indicates the amount of remote copy memory used.
used_virtualization Indicates the amount of virtualization memory used.
license_flash Indicates the FC license settings.
license_remote Indicates remote copy license settings.
license_virtualization Indicates license virtualization settings.
license_physical_disks Indicates the amount of physical disk space available for the license.
license_physical_flash Indicates whether the license physical flash is on or off.
license_physical_remote Indicates whether the physical remote copy license is on or off.
used_compression_capacity The value is always zero.
license_compression_capacity The value is always zero.
license_compression_enclosures The value is always zero.
license_easy_tier Indicates which enclosures Easy Tier can be run on.

An invocation example


The resulting output:

used_flash 0.00
used_remote 0.00
used_virtualization 0.00
license_flash 0
license_remote 20
license_virtualization 30
license_physical_disks 0
license_physical_flash on
license_physical_remote off
used_compression_capacity 0.02
license_compression_capacity 0
license_compression_enclosures 0license_easy_tier 2