Use the lsdrivelba command to map array MDisk logical block address (LBA) to a set of drives.


lsdrivelba [ -nohdr ] [ -delimdelimiter ] { -mdisklbalba } { -mdisk { mdisk_id | mdisk_name } }


(Optional) By default, headings are displayed for each column of data in a concise style view, and for each item of data in a detailed style view. The -nohdr parameter suppresses the display of these headings.
Note: If there is no data to be displayed, headings are not displayed.
(Optional) By default in a concise view, all columns of data are space-separated. The width of each column is set to the maximum width of each item of data. In a detailed view, each item of data has its own row, and if the headers are displayed, the data is separated from the header by a space. The -delim parameter overrides this behavior. Valid input for the -delim parameter is a 1-byte character. If you enter -delim : on the command line, the colon character (:) separates all items of data in a concise view; for example, the spacing of columns does not occur. In a detailed view, the data is separated from its header by the specified delimiter.
-mdisklba lba
(Required) The logical block address (LBA) on the MDisk. The LBA must be specified in hex, with a 0x prefix.
-mdiskmdisk_id | mdisk_name
(Required) The ID or name of the MDisk.


This command maps the array MDisk LBA to a set of drives.

The system provides volumes that have LBAs for 512-byte block sizes, but back-end disks that have a block size of either 512 or 4096 bytes can also be used. Drives are listed in their physical size.

Use the lsdrive command to display the drive block size, and use the lsdrive or lsarray command to list each object (the drive and the MDisk).

lsdrivelba output describes possible outputs.
Table 1. lsdrivelba output

serial-attached SCSI |

| | (SAS)

drive_id The ID of drive; blank if no configured array member exists (for example, in a degraded array).
type The type of information on the disk:
  • parity, in which LBA range contains parity (RAID levels 5 and 6 only)
  • qparity, in which LBA range contains qparity (RAID level 6 only)
  • data, in which LBA range contains data
drive_lba The LBA on the drive.
drive_start The start of range of LBAs (strip) on the drive.
drive_end The end of range of LBAs (strip) on the drive.
mdisk_start The start of range of LBAs (strip) on the array MDisk.
mdisk_end The end of range of LBAs (strip) on the array MDisk.

An invocation example

lsdrivelba -delim : -mdisklba 0x000 -mdisk 2

The resulting output: