Use the lsarrayinitprogress command to view the progress of array background initialization that occurs after creation.


lsarrayinitprogress [ -nohdr ] [ -filtervalueattribute_value ] [ -filtervalue? ] [ -delim delimiter ] [ { mdisk id | mdisk_name } ]


(Optional) By default, headings are displayed for each column of data in a concise style view, and for each item of data in a detailed style view. The -nohdr parameter suppresses the display of these headings.
Note: If there is no data to be displayed, headings are not displayed.
(Optional) Specifies a list of one or more filters. Only objects with a value that matches the filter attribute value are displayed.
Note: Some filters allow the use of a wildcard when you enter the command. The following rules apply to the use of wildcards:
  • The wildcard character is the asterisk (*).
  • The command can contain a maximum of one wildcard.
  • When you use a wildcard, enclose the filter entry within double quotation marks (""): lsarraysyncprogress -filtervalue mdisk_id="1*"
(Optional) Displays the valid filter attributes for the -filtervalue parameter:
  • estimated_completion_time
  • mdisk_id
  • mdisk_name
  • progress
-delim delimiter
(Optional) By default in a concise view, all columns of data are space-separated. The width of each column is set to the maximum width of each item of data. In a detailed view, each item of data has its own row, and if the headers are displayed, the data is separated from the header by a space. The -delim parameter overrides this behavior. Valid input for the -delim parameter is a 1-byte character. If you enter -delim : on the command line, the colon character (:) separates all items of data in a concise view; for example, the spacing of columns does not occur. In a detailed view, the data is separated from its header by the specified delimiter.
(Optional) The identity of the array MDisk.
(Optional) The user-defined MDisk name.


This command shows the progress of array background initialization. This table shows the possible outputs.
Table 1. lsarrayinitprogress output
Attribute Value
progress The percentage of initialization task that is completed.
estimated_completion_time The expected initialization task completion time, in YYMMDDHHMMSS format.

A concise invocation example

lsarrayinitprogress –delim : 

The resulting output:


A concise invocation (qualified with MDisk) example

lsarrayinitprogress –delim : mdisk2 

The resulting output:


An invocation example for an array that has finished initialization

lsarrayinitprogress –delim : mdisk4 

The resulting output: