Configuring the Linux operating system

You must configure the operating system before you can use hosts that run the Linux operating system with the system.

Before you configure the host operating systems, the following tasks must be completed:
After the prerequisite tasks are complete, use the following general steps to configure your host system:
  1. Zone the host to the system on the Fibre Channel SAN.
    For more information, see the zoning details and zoning examples topics in the Configuring section of this product information.
  2. Install a multipathing driver that is supported for Linux to enable the management of multiple paths to system volumes.
  3. Create the host on the system by using the worldwide port names (WWPNs). Map the volumes to the host.
    For more information, see the documentation on software installation and configuration, and on the command-line interface.
  4. Create volumes or disks on your host by using a logical volume manager (LVM) or partition and create file systems on the disks.