Setting up authentication for VMware hosts

One-way CHAP authentication for VMware hosts can be set up. Two-way CHAP authentication for VMware hosts is not supported.

To set up one-way CHAP authentication on a VMware host, complete the following steps:
  1. From the vSphere Client screen, click the Inventory tab.
  2. Click Storage Adapters.
  3. Select the iSCSI storage adapter, and then right-click and select Properties.
  4. Click CHAP.
  5. Select the preferred settings and enter the passwords:
    1. From the CHAP (target authenticates host) menu, click Use.
    2. Click Use initiator name to use initiator's IQN as the user name for CHAP authentication or type the user name that you set with the chhost CLI command (iscsiusername field) on the system.
    3. Enter the CHAP secret.