Physical installation planning

Before you set up your system environment, you must verify that the prerequisite conditions for the system are met.

This information applies to the supported hardware components. Answer the following questions before you start the installation process.

  1. Does your physical site meet the environment requirements for your system?
  2. Do you have adequate rack space for your hardware?

    The system requires two Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) units for each control enclosure and two or five EIA units for each expansion enclosure per enclosure.

  3. Do the power circuits that you are planning to use have sufficient capacity and the correct sockets for your installation?
    • A clearly visible and accessible emergency power off switch is required.
    • For redundancy, two independent power circuits are required. One circuit connects to each power supply in each enclosure.
    • If you are using the redundant AC-power switch, the redundant AC-power switch main input and the other circuit connect to the redundant AC-power switch backup input.
  4. Have you provided appropriate connectivity by preparing your environment?