Configuring the QLogic HBA for a host that runs the Microsoft Hyper-V operating system

After you install the QLogic host bus adapter (HBA) and the device driver on hosts that are running the Microsoft Hyper-V operating system, you must configure the HBA.

To configure the HBA BIOS, either use the QLogic HBA manager software or reboot into the Fast!UTIL tool. Configure the following settings:
  • Host Adapter BIOS: Disabled (unless the machine is configured for SAN Boot)
  • Adapter Hard Loop ID: Disabled
  • Connection Options: 1 - point to point only
  • LUNs Per Target: 0
  • Port Down Retry Count: 15

Set the execution throttle to a suitable queue depth for your environment, for example, a value of 100. For more information about the execution throttle and queue depth, see QLogic documentation.

If you are using subsystem device driver (SDD) 1.6 or higher, set Enable Target Reset to No. See Table 1 to include the required parameters for the registry key.

Table 1. Registry key parameters for QLogic models
Key Required parameters
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Services > ql2xxx > Parameters > Device > DriverParameters Buschange=0;FixupInquiry=1
Note: If you are using QLogic driver version or higher, Buschange cannot be set to zero. See your device driver documentation for details.

For more information about supported QLogic models, see the following IBM website: