Advanced functions for HP MA and EMA

Some advanced functions of the HP MA and EMA are not supported by the system.

Advanced copy functions

Advanced copy functions for HP MA and EMA systems (for example, SnapShot and RemoteCopy) are not supported for disks that are managed by the system because the copy function does not extend to the system cache.


HP MA and EMA support partitioning. A partition is a logical division of a container that is represented to the host as a logical unit (LU). A container can be an array or a JBOD (just a bunch of disks). All container types are candidates for partitions. Any nontransportable disk or storage set can be divided into a maximum of eight partitions.
The following restrictions apply to partitioning:
  • Partitioned containers are fully supported if the HSG80 controller is connected to the SAN by a single port.
  • Partitioned containers are not configured by the system if the HSG80 controller is connected to the SAN by multiple ports.
  • Partitioned containers are removed from the configuration if a single port connection becomes a multiport connection.
  • Partitioned containers are configured if a multiport connection becomes a single port connection.
You must partition containers such that no spare capacity exists because there is no way to detect unused partitions. With a multiport connection, subsequent attempts to use this capacity removes all partitions on the container from the configuration.

Dynamic array expansion (LU expansion)

HP MA and EMA systems do not provide dynamic array expansion.

Write protection of LUNs

Write protection of LUNs is not supported for use with the system.