User interfaces on the HP MSA1000 and MSA1500

Ensure that you are familiar with the user interface applications that are used by the HP MSA1000 and MSA1500 systems.

You can use the following configuration utilities with HP MSA1000 or MSA1500 systems in a Lenovo Storage V series environment:
  • The CLI through an out-of-band configuration that is accessed through a host that is connected to the serial port of the HP MSA1000 or MSA1500.
  • The GUI through an in-band configuration that uses the HP Array Configuration Utility (ACU).
    1. If the HP ACU is installed in a configuration that HP does not support, some of its functionality might not be available.
    2. If you use an in-band configuration, you must ensure that LUs that are used by the Lenovo Storage V series cannot be accessed by a direct-attached host.