Switch zoning limitations for HP MA and EMA systems

Limitations apply to switch zoning for the system and the HP MA and EMA systems.

Attention: The HP MA and EMA systems are supported with a single HSG80 controller or dual HSG80 controllers. Because the system supports only those configurations in which the HSG80 cache is enabled in write-back mode, running with a single HSG80 controller results in a single point of data loss.

Switch zoning

For systems that have installed software version 1.1.1, a single Fibre Channel port that is attached to the system can be present in a switch zone that contains the system Fibre Channel ports, whether the HP MA or EMA system uses one or two HSG80 controllers. This guarantees that the nodes in the system can access at most one port on the HSG80 controller.

For systems that have software version 1.2.0 or later installed, switches can be zoned so that HSG80 controller ports are in the switch zone that contains all of the ports for each node.

Connecting to the SAN

Multiple ports from an HSG80 controller must be physically connected to the Fibre Channel SAN to enable servicing of the HP MA or EMA system. However, switch zoning must be used as described in this topic.
Note: If the HP Command Console is not able to access a Fibre Channel port on each of the HSG80 controllers in a two-controller system, there is a risk of an undetected single point of failure.