Fibre Channel port numbers and worldwide port names

Fibre Channel (FC) ports are identified by their physical port number and by a worldwide port name (WWPN).

The physical port numbers identify Fibre Channel adapters and cable connections when you run service tasks. Worldwide port names (WWPNs), which uniquely identify the devices on the SAN, are used for tasks such as Fibre Channel switch configuration. The WWPNs are derived from the worldwide node name (WWNN) of the node in which the ports are installed.
All system nodes can support an optional 4-port Fibre Channel host interface adapter. Table 1 lists the WWPN values for each port when 4-port Fibre Channel host interface adapters are installed in a control enclosure.
Table 1. Summary of WWPN values for the system
Port number Canister 1 WWPN Canister 2 WWPN
1 5005 0768 0D00 0000 5005 0768 0D00 0001
2 5005 0768 0D04 0000 5005 0768 0D04 0001
3 5005 0768 0D08 0000 5005 0768 0D08 0001
4 5005 0768 0D0C 0000 5005 0768 0D0C 0001