Logical unit settings for IBM DS5000, IBM DS4000, and IBM DS3000 systems

Logical unit (LU) settings are configurable at the LU level.

LUs that are accessed by hosts can be configured differently. Use the following option settings for a LUN that is attached to the system.

Table 1. Option settings for a LUN
Parameter Setting
Segment size 256 KB
Capacity that is reserved for future segment size changes Yes
Maximum future segment size 2,048 KB
Modification priority High
Read cache Enabled
Write cache Enabled
Write cache without batteries Disabled
Write cache with mirroring Enabled
Flush write cache after (in seconds) 10.00
Dynamic cache read prefetch Enabled
Enable background media scan Enabled
Media scan with redundancy check Enabled
Pre-Read redundancy check Disabled

You must not have caching without batteries that are enabled.

Set the host type for the system to IBM TS SAN VCE when you create a new LU.