Enabling NPIV on a new system

Ensure that you have accurately zoned your new system for NPIV configuration.

Note: A version 7.7.0 or later system with NPIV enabled as backend storage for a system that is earlier than version 7.7.0 is not supported.

Using the management GUI

Verify that the NPIV setting on the new system is set to enabled by completing these steps:

  1. In the management GUI, select Settings > System > I/O Groups.
  2. On the I/O Groups page, verify that the value for the Target Port Mode attribute is set to Enabled.

Using the command-line interface

Before you add hosts to your new system configuration, run the lsiogrp command on the command-line interface (CLI) to view the status of N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV). The default status of NPIV on a new system is enabled.
The lsiogrp command returns a detailed view of I/O groups that are visible to the system.
  1. If the resulting output is fctargetportnode:enabled, NPIV is enabled. Otherwise, continue to step 2.
  2. If the resulting output is fctargetportnode:disabled, enter the following command:
    chiogrp -fctargetportmode transitional io_group_id_or_name
  3. When the resulting output on a system is fctargetportnode:transitional, enter the following command to enable NPIV:
    chiogrp -fctargetportmode enabledio_group_id_or_name