Switch zoning limitations for the EMC VMAX

There are limitations in switch zoning for the system and EMC VMAX systems.

Switch zoning

The system switch zone must include at least one target port on two or more Fibre Channel adapters to avoid a single point of failure.

The EMC VMAX must be configured to present logical units (LUs) to all system initiator ports that are in the fabric zone.

Only system initiator ports that are LUN-masked on the EMC VMAX controller should be present in the fabric zone.

Note: An EMC VMAX system presents itself to the system as one WWNN with a minimum of two and a maximum of 16 WWPNs supported.

Connecting to the SAN

You can connect a maximum of 16 EMC VMAX ports to the system. There are no further special zoning requirements. Configurations that are set up to adhere to the requirements that are described in previous system releases are also supported, but should not be followed for new installations.