Volume Logix and masking

Use Volume Logix to restrict access to particular WWPNs on the fabric for Symmetrix Volumes.

This function can be switched on and off by changing the VMC_State port setting. The system requires that you do not share target ports between a host and a system system. However, you can still use Volume Logix to protect the system from errors that can occur if the SAN is not correctly configured.

To mask a volume to the system system, you must first identify the system ports that are connected to each system. Identify the ports by using the EMC Symmetrix symmask command.

The system automatically logs in to any EMC Symmetrix system that it sees on the fabric. Use the system lsnode CLI command to find the correct port identifiers.

After you identify the ports, you can map each volume on each port to each WWPN. The EMC Symmetrix stores the LUN masking in a database, so you must apply the changes that you made to refresh the contents of the database to view the changes.