Use the rmpartnership command to remove a Metro Mirror or Global Mirror partnership on one system. Because the partnership exists on both systems, it is necessary to run this command on both systems to remove both sides of the partnership. If the command is run on only one system, the partnership enters a partially configured state on the other system.


rmpartnership { remote_cluster_id | remote_cluster_name }


remote_cluster_id | remote_cluster_name
(Required) Specifies the system ID or the name of the remote system.


This command deletes one half of a partnership on a system. To remove the entire partnership, you must run the command twice, once on each system.

Attention: Before running the rmpartnership command, you must remove all relationships and groups that are defined between the two systems. To display system relationships and groups, run the lsrcrelationship and lsrcconsistgrp commands. To remove the relationships and groups that are defined between the two systems, run the rmrcrelationship and rmrcconsistgrp commands.

An invocation example

rmpartnership cluster1

The resulting output:

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