Converting fully allocated volumes

You can convert fully allocated volumes to thin-provisioned volumes.

You can non-disruptively convert a fully allocated volume into a thin-provisioned volume by following this procedure:
  1. Select a single copy, fully allocated volume.
  2. Add a thin-provisioned copy to the volume.
    Use a small real capacity and the autoexpand feature.
    You can also choose to have the system automatically remove the fully allocated copy after the thin-provisioned volume is synchronized or you can manually remove it.
  3. Wait while the volume mirroring feature synchronizes the copies.
  4. Remove the fully allocated copy from the thin-provisioned volume.
Any grains of the fully allocated volume that contain all zeros do not cause any real capacity to be allocated on the thin-provisioned copy. Before you create the mirrored copy, you can fill the free capacity on the volume with a file that contains all zeros.