Configuring your storage groups

Storage groups can be configured only if Access Logix is installed and enabled.

Access Logix provides the following LUN mapping:
  1. A subset of logical units (LUs) can form a storage group.
  2. An LU can be in multiple storage groups.
  3. A host can be added to a storage group. This host has access to all LUs in the storage group.
  4. A host cannot be added to a second storage group.
  1. Right-click on the storage system from the Enterprise Storage window.
  2. Select Create Storage Group.
    The Create Storage Group window is displayed.
  3. Enter a name for your storage group in the Storage Group Name field.
  4. If available, select Dedicated in the Sharing State field.
  5. Click OK.
    The storage group is created.
  6. Right-click the storage group in the Enterprise Storage window.
  7. Select Properties.
    The Storage Group Properties window is displayed.
  8. Complete the following steps from the Storage Group Properties window:
    1. Select the LUNs tab.
    2. Select the LUNs that you want the system to manage in the Available LUNs table.
      Attention: Ensure that the LUs that you select are not used by another storage group.
    3. Click the forward arrow button.
    4. Click Apply.
      A Confirmation window is displayed.
    5. Click Yes to continue.
      A Success window is displayed.
    6. Click OK.
    7. Select the Hosts tab.
    8. Select the host that you created when you registered the system ports with the EMC CLARiiON.
      Attention: Ensure that only system hosts (initiator ports) are in the storage group.
    9. Click the forward arrow button.
    10. Click OK.
      The Confirmation window is displayed.
    11. Click Yes to continue.
      A Success window is displayed.
    12. Click OK.