Backing up and restoring the system configuration

You can back up and restore the configuration data for the system after preliminary tasks are completed.

You can maintain your configuration data for the system by completing the following tasks:

Before you back up your configuration data, the following prerequisites must be met:

  • The default object names for controllers, I/O groups, and managed disks (MDisks) do not restore correctly if the ID of the object is different from what is recorded in the current configuration data file.
  • All other objects with default names are renamed during the restore process. The new names appear in the format name_r where name is the name of the object in your system.
  • Connections to iSCSI MDisks for migration purposes are not restored.

Before you restore your configuration data, the following prerequisites must be met:

Use the following steps to determine how to achieve an ideal T4 recovery: Restoring the system configuration must be performed by one of the nodes previously in I/O group zero. For example, property name="IO_group_id" value="0" . The remaining enclosures must be added, as required, in the appropriate order based on the previous IO_group_id of its node canisters.
Note: It is not currently possible to determine which canister within the identified enclosure was previously used for cluster creation. Typically the restoration might be performed by canister 1.

Before you begin, hardware recovery must be complete. The following hardware must be operational: hosts, system enclosures, internal flash drives, and expansion enclosures (if applicable), the Ethernet network, the SAN fabric, and any external storage systems (if applicable).