Attachment requirements for Apple hosts

Before you attach the system to an Apple host system that runs Mac OS X v10.5.x, you must be familiar with the requirements of the host.

The following requirements apply to a host system that runs Mac OS X v10.5.x:
  • Check the LUN limitations for your host system. Ensure that enough Fibre Channel adapters are installed in the server to handle the total LUNs that you want to attach.
  • Ensure that you have the documentation for your host system and that you have access to the Installing section in this product information. All system publications are available from the following website:

  • Ensure that you installed the correct operating system level and any updates.
  • Review device driver installation documents and configuration utility documents for extra patches that you might need.
  • Ensure that the host type, Target Port Group Support (TPGS), is enabled if you are using an ATTO Technology 8-Gbps HBA.