Creating host mappings by using the CLI

You can use the command-line interface (CLI) to create volume-to-host mappings (host mappings).

Note: To understand the CLI for creating shared mappings in a host cluster, see the information about host clusters and the mkhostcluster command.

To create host mappings, follow these steps:

  1. Issue the mkvdiskhostmap CLI command to create host mappings.

    This example is a CLI command that you can issue to create host mappings:

    mkvdiskhostmap -host demohost1mainvdisk1

    Where demohost1 is the name of the host and mainvdisk1 is the name of the volume.

  2. After you map volumes to hosts, discover the disks on the host system. This step requires that you access the host system and use the host system utilities to discover the new disks that are made available by the system. You also have the option of creating a file system for those new disks. For more information about completing this task, see your host system documentation.