Adding a control enclosure to the clustered system by using the CLI

You can use the command-line interface (CLI) to add a control enclosure back into the system after it is either removed or rejected.

Attention: Before you add a control enclosure to a system, configure the switch zoning. The control enclosure to add must be in the same zone as all other control enclosure in the system. You can replace a control enclosure when the switch is zoned by worldwide port name (WWPN) rather than by switch port. To use the same WWPNs, carefully adhere to this service procedure.

To add a control enclosure to a system, complete the following procedure:

  1. Issue this CLI command to list the control enclosure candidates:

  2. Issue this CLI command to add the control enclosure:

    addcontrolenclosure -iogrp 1 -sernum G00F7GY

    The 0 value is the I/O group where you add the control enclosure. The G00F7GY value is the serial number for the control enclosure.

    Note: In a service situation, add a control enclosure back into a system by using the original control enclosure name. When the partner nodecontrol enclosure in the I/O group is not deleted, the I/O group name is the default when the -name value is not specified.

    The following example output might result:

    Enclosure containing Node, id [x], successfully added
    Attention: If more than one candidate control enclosure exists, add it into same I/O group to which it belonged before it was deleted. Failure to do so might result in data corruption. If you are uncertain about which candidate control enclosure belongs to the I/O group, shut down all host systems that access this system. Restart each system after you add all control enclosures back into the system.
  3. Issue this CLI command to ensure that the node was added successfully:
    svcinfo lsnodecanister

All control enclosures are now online.