Adding hosts to host clusters

You can use the management GUI or the command-line interface to add more hosts to a host cluster.

When a host is added to a host cluster, the added host gains access to all the shared mappings that are associated with the host cluster. The shared mappings are determined automatically. The system checks if any of the private mappings on the host match the shared mapping on the host cluster. If the volume uses the same SCSI LUN ID and I/O group as the host cluster, the host cluster manages the mapping as a shared mapping for all the hosts in the cluster. Any mappings that do not match the shared mappings remain as private mappings to the individual hosts. If any mappings contain SCSI LUN conflicts, the operation fails. The management GUI displays all mappings with SCSI LUN ID conflicts. SCSI LUN conflicts can occur if multiple volumes are mapped with the same SCSI LUN ID or if same volume is mapped to multiple SCSI LUN IDs.

Using the management GUI

To add a host to a host cluster with the management GUI, complete these steps:
  1. In the management GUI, select Hosts > Host Clusters.
  2. On the Host Cluster page, select a host cluster and select Actions > Add Hosts.
  3. On the Add Host Member page, select the hosts to add to the host cluster. All hosts must use the same I/O group.
  4. If throttles are configured on any of the selected hosts, the throttles must be removed to be included in the host cluster. Throttles can be applied to the host cluster and not individual host within the cluster. If you choose not to remove the throttles from the host, the host is excluded from the host cluster.
  5. Click Next.
  6. On the Summary page, verify the settings and click Add Host.
    Note: If you selected hosts with volumes that have SCSI ID conflicts, the system does not add these mappings to the host cluster. The Summary page lists all volumes that contain conflicts and the system retains these mappings as private mappings to the original hosts.

Using the command-line interface

To add a host to a host cluster with the command-line interface, enter the following command:
addhostclustermember -host host_id_list_or_host_name_list hostcluster_id_or_hostcluster_name
where host_id_list_or_host_name_list is the name or ID of the host that you are adding to the host cluster. The hostcluster_id_or_hostcluster_name is the name or ID of the host cluster that you are adding the hosts to.