Planning for Storage Insights

Storage Insights is a free cloud service that is available to customers to facilitate the monitoring of your storage systems. To access the application, you must register for the service, and then install a data collector (or multiple data collectors) in your storage environment.

IBM Storage Insights is a software as a service offering and monitors basic capacity, space usage, and performance of storage resources. You can also use it to engage with IBM support. You can access the information about your storage environment in an easy to use dashboard. Data collectors are installed locally in your storage environment and can be installed on Windows, Linux, and AIX systems. Registration for the application is integrated with the GUI on your system so that you can readily access and configure its use. You can also register for the service at the following link.

Registration for Storage Insights requires an IBM ID. If you do not already have an IBM ID, you can create an IBM account at the following link.

After your registration for Storage Insights is complete, download and install the data collector for your system. Extract the data collector, run the data collector installer script, and ensure that your server (or virtual machine) can access the host_name:port that is specific to your instance of Storage Insights. After the data collector is installed on the system, you can add your storage devices to a Storage Insights dashboard.
Note: To connect to your instance of Storage Insights, you must configure your firewall to allow outbound communication on the default HTTPS port 443 using the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). The User Datagram Protocol (UDP) is not supported.

For more information about data collectors and to access installation instructions for specific operating systems, see the following link.