840: Unsupported hardware change detected.


A change has been detected to this node canister hardware configuration. The new configuration is not supported by the node canister machine code. User action is required to repair the hardware or update the machine code.

User Response

  1. If possible, use the management GUI to run the recommended actions for the associated service error code.
  2. Follow the procedure for getting node canister and clustered-system information. A change to the hardware configuration is expected.
  3. If the hardware configuration is unexpectedly reduced, make sure the component has not been unseated. Hardware replacement might be necessary.
  4. If a new hardware component is shown as unsupported, check the machine code version required to support the hardware component. Update the machine code to a version that supports the hardware.
If the hardware detected does not match the expected configuration, replace the hardware component that is reported incorrectly.
Possible Cause-FRUs or other cause:
  • One of the optional hardware components might require replacement