765: Service Processor shows fan failure


A fan has a fault condition.

User Response

  1. Identify the node to shut down. The node ID is listed in the event log. Identify the machine type and model (MTM) and the serial number in the System view of the management GUI.
  2. Determine the failed fan from the text of the error data in the log shown in the management GUI.
  3. Identify the volume dependencies for the node to determine that it is acceptable to shut down the node.
  4. Shut down the node.
  5. Before you remove any cables, label or record the location of each cable that is connected to the rear of the node.
  6. Remove the node, and then remove the lid.
  7. Carefully remove the fan module and check that nothing is obstructing the movement of either fan in the module. If you find an obstruction, carefully clear the obstruction and reinstall the fan module. Otherwise, exchange the failed fan FRU for a new FRU.
  8. Replace the lid, and then insert the node into the rack.
  9. Reconnect all cables to the correct ports.
  10. Confirm that the error is cleared from the log, or follow the fix procedure to clear the error.