733: The bus adapter degraded.


The bus adapter that connects the canister to the enclosure midplane is degraded.

This node error does not, in itself, stop the node canister from becoming active in the system. However, the bus might be being used to communicate between the node canisters in a clustered system. Therefore, it is possible that this node error indicates the reason why the critical node error 550 A cluster cannot be formed because of a lack of cluster resources is reported on the node canister.


  • A number indicating the adapter location. Location 0 indicates that the adapter integrated into the system board is being reported.

User Response

  1. If possible, use the management GUI to run the recommended actions for the associated service error code.
  2. As the adapter is located on the system board, replace the node canister using the remove and replace procedures.

Possible Cause-FRUs or other cause: