564: Too many machine code crashes have occurred.


The node has been determined to be unstable because of multiple resets. The cause of the resets can be that the system encountered an unexpected state or has executed instructions that were not valid. The node has entered the service state so that diagnostic data can be recovered.

The node error does not persist across restarts of the machine code on the node.

User Response

Follow troubleshooting procedures to reload the machine code:

  1. Get a support package (snap), including dumps, from the node, using the management GUI or the service assistant.
  2. If more than one node is reporting this error, contact IBM technical support for assistance. The support package from each node will be required.
  3. Check the support site to see whether the issue is known and whether a machine code update exists to resolve the issue. Update the cluster machine code if a resolution is available. Use the manual update process on the node that reported the error first.
  4. If the problem remains unresolved, contact IBM technical support and send them the support package.

Possible Cause—FRUs or other: