500: Incorrect enclosure


The node canister has saved cluster information, which indicates that the canister is now located in a different enclosure from where it was previously used. Using the node canister in this state might corrupt the data held on the enclosure drives.

User Response

Follow troubleshooting procedures to move the nodes to the correct location.
  1. Follow the "Procedure: Getting node canister and system information using the service assistant" task to review the node canister saved location information and the status of the other node canister in the enclosure (the partner canister). Determine if the enclosure is part of an active system with volumes that contain required data.
  2. If you have unintentionally moved the canister into this enclosure, move the canister back to its original location, and put the original canister back in this enclosure. Follow the "Replacing a node canister" procedure.
  3. If you have intentionally moved the node canister into this enclosure you should check it is safe to continue or whether you will lose data on the enclosure you removed it from. Do not continue if the system the node canister was removed from is offline, rather return the node canister to that system.
  4. If you have determined that you can continue, follow the "Procedure: Removing system data from a node canister" task to remove cluster data from node canister.
  5. If the partner node in this enclosure is not online, or is not present, you will have to perform a system recovery. Do not create a new system, you will lose all the volume data.

Possible Cause-FRUs or other cause: