3100: Cloud account not available, unexpected error


The meaning of the error code depends on the associated event code.

087009 Cloud account not available, cannot establish secure connection with cloud provider

The network connection between the system and the cloud service provider is configured to use SSL. The SSL connection cannot be established. Cloud backup services remain paused until the alert is fixed.

The issue is not that the system cannot locate the CA certificate for the cloud service provider, or that the CA certificate is expired.

087012 Cloud account not available, cannot complete cloud storage operation

An unexpected error occurred when the system attempted to complete a cloud storage operation.

User Response

Try the following actions for either event code:
  1. Mark the error as fixed so that the system retries the operation.
  2. If the errors repeat, check the cloud provider console or contact the cloud service provider. Look for errors and for changes since the last successful connection. The SSL connection worked at the time that the cloud account object was created.
  3. Contact your service support representative. If possible, provide your representative with debug data from livedump and snap.