2305: No authorization to perform cloud operation


The cloud account was configured with credentials (for Amazon, AWS access key; for Swift, user/tenant/password) that are not sufficient to use the cloud storage. The system can log in, but the specified user does not have permission to complete one or more of the following operations:
  • Upload data. Required to create a cloud snapshot.
  • Create a container in cloud storage. Required to create a cloud snapshot.
  • Download data. Required to complete a restore operation.
  • Delete data. Required to delete a cloud snapshot.

The error code is associated with the following alert event:

087011 Cloud account not available, cannot obtain permission to use cloud storage

User Response

Complete the following steps:
  1. Use the lscloudaccount command to display cloud account information and verify that everything is correct.
  2. Verify that the system time is correct. Some cloud providers are sensitive to time differences.
  3. Check the cloud service provider console or contact the cloud administrator to confirm that the correct permissions are in place for the user.
  4. Fix the alert to retry the cloud operation.