1862: Thin-provisioned volume copy offline because of corrupt metadata.


A thin-provisioned volume has been taken offline because there is an inconsistency in the cluster metadata that describes the disk contents. This might occur because of corruption of data on the physical disk (e.g., medium error or data miscompare), the loss of cached metadata (because of a cluster recovery) or because of a software error. The event data gives information on the reason.

The cluster maintains backup copies of the metadata and it might be possible to repair the thin-provisioned volume using this data.

User Response

The cluster is able to repair the inconsistency in some circumstances. Run the repair volume option to start the repair process. This repair process, however, can take some time. In some situations it might be more appropriate to delete the thin-provisioned volume and reconstruct a new one from a backup or mirror copy.

If you run the repair procedure and it completes, this error is automatically marked as "fixed"; otherwise, another error event (error code 1860) is logged to indicate that the repair action has failed.

Possible Cause-FRUs or other: