1840: The managed disk has bad blocks.


These are "virtual" medium errors which are created when copying a volume where the source has medium errors. During data moves or duplication, such as during a flash copy, an attempt is made to move medium errors; to achieve this, virtual medium errors called "bad blocks" are created. Once a bad block has been created, no attempt will be made to read the underlying data, as there is no guarantee that the old data still exists once the "bad block" is created. Therefore, it is possible to have "bad blocks", and thus medium errors, reported on a target volume, without medium errors actually existing on the underlying storage. The "bad block" records are removed when the data is overwritten by a host.

Note: On an external controller, this error can only result from a copied medium error.

User Response

  1. The support center will direct the user to restore the data on the affected volumes.
  2. When the volume data has been restored, or the user has chosen not to restore the data, mark the error as "fixed".
  3. Go to repair verification MAP.

Possible Cause-FRUs or other: