1700: Unrecovered remote copy relationship


This error might be reported after the recovery action for a clustered system failure or a complete I/O group failure. The error is reported because some remote copy relationships, whose control data is stored by the I/O group, could not be recovered.

User Response

To fix this error it is necessary to delete all of the relationships that might not be recovered, and then re-create the relationships.

  1. Note the I/O group index against which the error is logged.
  2. List all of the relationships that have either a master or an auxiliary volume in this I/O group. Use the volume view to determine which volumes in the I/O group you noted have a relationship that is defined.
  3. Note the details of the relationships that are listed so that they can be re-created.

    If the affected I/O group has active-active relationships that are in a consistency group, run the command chrcrelationship-noconsistgrprc_rel_name for each active-active relationship that was not recovered. Then, use the command lsrcrelatioship in case volume labels are changed and to see the value of the primary attributes.

  4. Delete all of the relationships that are listed in step 2, except any active-active relationship that has host applications that use the auxiliary volume via the master volume unique ID. (that is, the primary attribute value is auxiliary in the output from lsrcrelationship).

    For the active-active relationships that have the primary attribute value of auxiliary, use the rmvolumecopy CLI command (which also deletes the relationship). For example, rmvolumecopymaster_volume_id/name.

    Note: The error is automatically marked as "fixed" once the last relationship on the I/O group is deleted. New relationships must not be created until the error is fixed.
  5. Re-create all the relationships that you deleted by using the details noted in step 3.
    Note: For Metro Mirror and Global Mirror relationships, you are able to delete a relationship from either the master or auxiliary system; however, you must re-create the relationship on the master system. Therefore, it might be necessary to go to another system to complete this service action.

Possible Cause-FRUs or other: