1674: Drive unlock required.


This error occurs when the system detects one or more self-encrypting drives in the system that must be unlocked.

User Response

If error code 1328 is already present in the event log, fix that error first. Otherwise, complete the following steps:
  1. Use the lsdrive view to determine which drives are displaying this error.
  2. If any of the drives that are displaying the error do not need to be plugged into the system, remove those drives and return them to the correct system. If you swap in drives from another system, those drives are displayed. Click Next.
  3. Refresh the list of drives in the system, including any drives that are displaying the error. Repeat this step and the previous step as needed.
  4. If you continue, the drives are formatted to make them usable in the current system. All data on the drives is permanently erased. Click Next.
  5. The directed maintenance procedure (DMP) runs the chdrive -task format command on every drive that is listed in the table.
  6. Mark the event as automatically fixed and exit the procedure.