1570: Quorum disk configured on controller that has quorum disabled


This error can occur with a storage controller that can be accessed through multiple WWNNs and have a default setting of not allowing quorum disks. When these controllers are detected by a cluster, although multiple component controller definitions are created, the cluster recognizes that all of the component controllers belong to the same storage system. To enable the creation of a quorum disk on this storage system, all of the controller components must be configured to allow quorum.

A configuration change to the SAN, or to a storage system with multiple WWNNs, might result in the cluster discovering new component controllers for the storage system. These components will take the default setting for allowing quorum. This error is reported if there is a quorum disk associated with the controller and the default setting is not to allow quorum.

User Response

Possible Cause-FRUs or other:


Fibre Channel network fabric fault (100%)