1469: Adapter firmware upgrade failed.


The firmware of one of the host interface adapters cannot be upgraded to the correct level. This error can occur during a concurrent code upgrade.

User Response

  1. When the adapter firmware upgrade fails, the node is in the service state, showing a node error. You can verify the state of the node by using the sainfo lsservicenodes command. In addition to the node error, sense data is shown, which indicates the adapter slot number of the adapter where the firmware upgrade failed.
  2. Remove the node from the system by using the svctask rmnode command. The upgrade is stalled but can be resumed or canceled.
  3. Replace the adapter and resume the upgrade.
  4. If the error recurs, use the satask snap command to collect diagnostic information from the node, and then contact IBM Support Center.

Possible Cause-FRUs or other:

Interface adapter (100%)