1230: A login has been excluded.


A port to port fabric connection, or login, between the cluster node and either a controller or another cluster has had excessive errors. The login has therefore been excluded, and will not be used for I/O operations.

User Response

Determine the remote system, which might be either a controller or a cluster. Check the event log for other 1230 errors. Ensure that all higher priority errors are fixed.

This error event is usually caused by a fabric problem. If possible, use the fabric switch or other fabric diagnostic tools to determine which link or port is reporting the errors. If there are error events for links from this node to a number of different controllers or clusters, then it is probably the node to switch link that is causing the errors. Unless there are other contrary indications, first replace the cable between the switch and the remote system.

  1. From the fabric analysis, determine the FRU that is most likely causing the error. If this FRU has recently been replaced while resolving a 1230 error, choose the next most likely FRU that has not been replaced recently. Exchange the FRU for a new FRU.
  2. Mark the error as fixed. If the FRU replacement has not fixed the problem, the error will be logged again; however, depending on the severity of the problem, the error might not be logged again immediately.
  3. Start a cluster discovery operation to recover the login by re-scanning the Fibre Channel network.
  4. Check the status of the disk controller or remote cluster. If the status is not "good", go to the Start MAP.
  5. Go to repair verification MAP.

Possible Cause-FRUs or other:

Note: The first two FRUs are not cluster FRUs.