1214: Boot Drive in wrong slot


The boot drive is in the wrong slot.

User Response

Complete the following steps:
  1. Look at a boot drive view to determine which drive is in the wrong slot, which node and slot the drive belongs in, and which drive must be in the slot.
  2. Swap the drive for the correct one. Shut down the node first if booted yes is displayed for the drive in the boot drive view. On control enclosures, the boot drives are internal, so the node canister must always be shut down before you remove the node canister and service the boot drives.
  3. If you want to use the drive in this node, synchronize the boot drives by running the svctask chnodebootdrive -sync or the satask chbootdrive -sync commands. These commands cause a node restart on the specified node.

The node error clears, or a new node error is displayed for you to work on.

Possible Cause-FRUs or other: