1179: Too many drives attached to the system.


The cluster only supports a fixed number of drives. A drive has been added that makes the number of drives larger than the total number of supported drives per cluster.

User Response

  1. Disconnect any excessive unmanaged enclosures from the system.
  2. Unmanage any offline drives that are not present in the system.
  3. Identify unused drives and remove them from the enclosures.
  4. Identify arrays of drives that are no longer required.
  5. Remove the arrays and remove the drives from the enclosures if they are present.
  6. Once there are fewer than 4096 drives in the system, consider re-engineering system capacity by migrating data from small arrays onto large arrays, then removing the small arrays and the drives that formed them. Consider the need for an additional Storwize system in your SAN solution.