1136: UPS ambient temperature threshold exceeded


The system UPS has reported an ambient over temperature.

User Response

  1. Power off the node attached to the UPS.
  2. Turn off the UPS, and then unplug the UPS from the main power source.
  3. Ensure that the UPS air vents are not obstructed.
  4. Ensure that the air flow around the UPS is not restricted.
  5. Wait for at least five minutes, and then restart the UPS. If the problem remains, check the ambient temperature. Correct the problem. Otherwise, exchange the FRU for a new FRU.
  6. Check node status. If all nodes show a status of "online", mark the error that you have just repaired "fixed". If any nodes do not show a status of "online", go to start MAP. If you return to this step, contact your support center to resolve the problem with the uninterruptible power supply.
  7. Go to repair verification MAP.

Possible Cause-FRUs or other:

2145 UPS-1U assembly (50%)


The system ambient temperature is outside the specification (50%)