1111: Batteries have insufficient charge.


The insufficient charge message can appear for various reasons such as the battery is charging; the battery is missing or has failed; there is a communication error, or there has been an over temperature event.

User Response

This node error can be corrected by correcting each of the underlying battery problems.
  1. If a battery is missing, replace the battery.
  2. If a battery is failed, replace the battery.
  3. If a battery is charging, this error should go away when the battery is charged.
  4. If a battery is having a communication error (comm errror), try to reseat the battery as described in the replacement procedure. If reseating the battery does not correct the problem, replace the battery.
  5. If a battery is too hot, the system can be started after it has cooled.

    Inspect the battery for damage after an over-temperature event.

Possible Cause - FRUs or other:

If both batteries have errors, battery charging might be underway. (No FRU)

If both batteries have errors that do not resolve after a sufficient time to charge, battery charging might be impaired, such as by a faulty battery backplane FRU.

Communication errors are often correctable by reseating the battery or by allowing the temperature of the battery to cool without the need to replace the battery. (No FRU)

If a battery is missing or failed, the solution is to replace the battery FRU.

Battery (50%)


No FRU (50%)