1025: Processor missing


The system assembly is failing.

User Response

  1. Go to the light path diagnostic MAP and complete the light path diagnostic procedures.
  2. If the light path diagnostic procedure isolates the FRU, mark this error as fixed. Then, go to the repair verification MAP.
  3. If you replace a FRU, but it does not correct the problem, ensure that the FRU is installed correctly. Then, go to the next step.
  4. Replace the system board as indicated in the Possible Cause list.
  5. Check the node status:
    • If all nodes show a status of online, mark the error as fixed.
    • If any nodes do not show a status of online, go to the start MAP.
    • If you return to this step, contact your support center to resolve the problem with the node.
  6. Go to the repair verification MAP.