1007: Canister to canister communication error.


A canister to canister communication error can appear when one canister cannot communicate with the other.

User Response

Reseat the passive canister, and then try reseating the active canister. If neither resolve the alert, try replacing the passive canister, and then the other canister.

A canister can be safely reseated or replaced while the system is in production. Make sure that the other canister is the active node before removing this canister. It is preferable that this canister shuts down completely before removing it, but it is not required.

  1. Reseat the passive canister (a failover is not required).
  2. Reseat the second canister (a failover is required).
  3. If necessary, replace the passive canister (a failover is not required).
  4. If necessary, replace the active canister (a failover is required).

    If a second new canister is not available, the previously removed canister can be used, as it apparently is not at fault.

  5. An enclosure replacement might be necessary. Contact IBM support.

Possible Cause-FRUs or other:

Canister (95%)

Enclosure (5%)