CMMVC8952E: The action failed because there was a mismatch with authentication credentials previously specified for same target.


The addiscsistorageport command configures a session between an initiator port and target IP addresses for a target iSCSI Qualified Name (IQN). If you run the command again for the same target parameters, it returns successfully without initiating any action as the sessions was established after the first invocation. However, if you retry the command with a different username argument, chapsecret argument, or both, then the command fails because the initiator cannot verify which credentials are correct.

User Response

To change the target credentials, complete the following steps by using the GUI or the specified command:
  1. Use the lsiscsistorageport command to list the previous set of sessions that were established.
  2. Use the rmiscsistorageport command to remove the sessions that match the source port, IP address, and IQN for the target.
  3. Initiate a new discovery and establish sessions with new credentials.