CMMVC8056E: An error occurred in communicating with the target node.


The error can be caused by:
  1. A fault in one partner node is preventing another partner node from seeing it.
  2. The Fibre Channel network is congested or faulty, and packages are failing to transfer.

User Response

  1. If you are using SAN connectivity, check your fabric to ensure that all the nodes in a cluster have clear paths to one another.
  2. Ensure that the target node is online and does not have a hardware or location error (if it is Enclosure based).
  3. Ensure that both the source and target nodes see each other in lsservicenodes. If they do not see each other, a path is missing.
  4. If trying the first three steps does not correct the problem, work directly on the node in question rather then from the partner node. Log onto the target node's service assistant and run the operation locally.