CMMVC6558E: The command cannot be initiated because it might cause volumes to go Offline. Refer to the cluster Command-Line Interface (CLI) command help for this command.


You are being warned that this command might result in taking volumes Offline. After you completely understand the possible consequences by reading the command help, you can override the safety precautions and avoid this message by using the -force flag.

User Response

  1. Submit the lsnode dependantvdisks command to determine which volumes will go Offline if you resubmit this command using the -force flag. If you received this message when you submitted the applysoftware command, you must submit the lsnode dependantvdisks command for every node in the cluster; for all other commands you must submit the lsnode dependantvdisks command for the node that you specified as a parameter in the command that generated this message.
  2. This step is required because it is critically important that you understand the implications of using the -force flag for the specific command that you have submitted: Refer to the CLI command help to determine what safety precautions are bypassed when you use the -force flag. The ignored precautions differ, depending on the command.
  3. If you want to bypass the safety precautions when you resubmit the command, you must use the -force flag.