CMMVC6529E: The command cannot be initiated because the maximum supported number of MDisks already exists.


This command requires that an MDisk is available for array creation. There are no available MDisks for array creation because the maximum number of MDisks is already configured on the cluster.

User Response

Ensure that a local MDisk is available, and resubmit the command. To make a local MDisk available for this task, either delete an array on an existing local MDisk or remove a SAN attached MDisk and configure a local MDisk.

Some other considerations to fix this error:
  • Each distributed array occupies 16 slots, starting at an mdisk id divisible by 16, therefore you might also consider the need to delete 16 unwanted mdisks starting on a mdiskid boundary divisible by 16. If you need additional information see lsmdisk.
  • Or, you can delete an unwanted distributed array to make space for a distributed array.
  • You must also issue the detectmdisk command to ensure that the mdisk inventory is updated after deleting mdisks.